Ronda Rousey's possibly worked out extension in WWE contract

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Ronda Rousey's possibly worked out extension in WWE contract

One of the speeches that have come out most often in recent weeks concerns the former Monday Night Raw champion, Ronda Rousey. In fact, for some time now, the girl has not appeared on the WWE television screens, due to her precise desire to take a break from after Wrestlemania 35, the last event in which Rousey participated and in which she lost the title in favor of Becky Lynch.

During this break, which initially seemed to be used by the athlete and her husband to have a child, the "baddest woman in the world" instead took part in various projects, such as some films or TV series, with the same Ronda which even appeared in a Youtube series focused on cooking and preserves to be made with various vegetables.

Update on Ronda Rousey

In recent weeks, moreover, the rumor had also come out that he wanted Ronda Rousey's contract to be almost expired, with his agreement with the Stamford company which apparently would be dated for April next year and therefore giving a deadline to performance of the girl no later than the next 5-6 months.

In his latest interview, released by former Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman, to the American newspaper New York Post, Mad Genius wanted to hint fans that the athlete could very well renew his contract with WWE, but without letting the news out, as many others before her have done.

In his chat, the former Smackdown GM of the early 2000s revealed: "This is another funny thing about people who don't talk about their business in public and on social media. Everyone assumes Ronda Rousey's contract is due to expire soon.

I don't understand how people can't realize that maybe, just maybe, Ronda Rousey's contract may have already been extended or she may be working on a new deal and it couldn't benefit WWE or Ronda itself without disclosing any.

information to the public. But why don't people understand that it can be kept secret?" Apparently, the mystery surrounding Ronda Rousey's return to the WWE rings deepens even more, amid sources assuring that his contract will expire in the new year and those who say that they may even have already signed a new agreement, with the only way to know the truth is to wait, as usual.

Ronda Rousey was recently spotted training in the ring with Teal Piper. Natalya also teased training with a mystery person which made a lot of fans think of the Baddest Woman On The Planet as well. It will be interesting to see when WWE brings Ronda Rousey back to the ring, but her return will absolutely mean more if it can happen in front of live fans.