Grading the divisions of Raw and SmackDown following the 2020 WWE Draft

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Grading the divisions of Raw and SmackDown following the 2020 WWE Draft

As happens every year after the Draft that shuffles the cards on the table a little in the main roster of the company, the management of the WWE must also put some order in the event cards, going to focus on which are the top wrestlers of one weekly show, which others could become us one day and also of those who only serve as mid-carders, or rather a sort of "stage-holes", to be included on the various cards on occasion, to make volume.

Obviously, if on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, the first real important wrestlers had already been defined, with the Draft everything went to mix, with WWE which therefore had to draw up a sort of new ranking of the most important Superstars, going to create the new graphics for his website, with which he makes the first visual hit towards his fans and towards all the customers of the site, who immediately have an idea of who are the most important wrestlers of each single roster.

Which WWE stars will make the most of their brand switches?

Since the WWE's creative and computer sectors practically never rest, with the second evening dedicated to the Draft, WWE was able to immediately modify the graphics of the roster belonging to the company's official website, with the famous reporting in fact the following images.

As can be seen clearly from both photos, WWE has big plans for both its men and women, with the faces that stand out on Raw, above all, which are those of Charlotte Flair and Drew McIntyre, with the daughter of the Nature Boy who, although she is still out for a physical problem, is still kept in the very first row by the company, which apparently still aims a lot.

At Smackdown, on the other hand, as always, Roman Reigns, the Universal champion of the company, reigns over the entire roster, who as we have seen in recent weeks is really taking the reins of the entire show in the company of the trusted Paul Heyman.

A special mention also for Otis, in the graphics of Smackdown, who once lost his companion Tucker and the enemies Miz and Morrison, could now finally go to collect his Money in the Bank, with the WWE that seems to still bet a lot, having inserted it in the Most important superstars of the blue roster also in the graphics of the site.

The main goal of any Draft is to replenish the cupboard. That certainly happened in some regards in this year's WWE Draft. Which show won out and which brand has the edge in certain divisions? Here are the grades for each show and its divisions following the 2020 WWE Draft. The grades will obviously change one way or another after a week or two of shows with the new rosters.