Shayna Baszler talks her backstage reaction to Becky Lynch neck-biting angle

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Shayna Baszler talks her backstage reaction to Becky Lynch neck-biting angle

In recent months, WWE has managed to stage several truly surprising angles and matches, both as regards the athletes of Monday Night Raw, and as regards those of Friday Night Smackdown, also thanks to the absence of an audience, which has unfortunately featured all the weekly WWE shows and monthly ppvs, which orphans of the public must therefore have been interesting enough to involve the WWE Universe from home.

One of the most surprising angles seen in recent months on the Raw rings, which happened, however, with the audience still in the hall, in one of the last shows in which free entry was allowed to a WWE event, was the one that saw involved Raw Champion Becky Lynch and her future Wrestlemania challenger Shayna Baszler with the MMA fighter literally biting the Irishman's neck open, causing her to bleed profusely in the red show ring.

“Even I felt mixed about it but the fact of the matter is you can’t argue with the fact that it was trending and people were talking about it. It’s a good gage as far as what’s getting people talking," Baszler said.

Shayna Baszler talks her backstage reaction to Becky Lynch neck-biting angle

"I was talking to Kevin Owens when I was still at NXT. He was at the Performance Center and he was telling me that NXT has a very loyal fan base but you forget that the majority of the RAW and SmackDown audience doesn’t necessarily watch NXT.

He said when he was NXT champion, it was a real eye-opening experience that when he started dabbling on RAW and SmackDown when he was still champion that there were some crowds that didn’t know who he was. It blew my mind.

If I’m moving from NXT to RAW and SmackDown, you have to do something that’s going to make you stand out. I think in the end, I came around and said, ok, people are talking about this so it worked" - Shayna Baszler explained.

“We were friendly I guess. She was another person in the locker room but our paths never crossed. I hadn’t been up there very long. Then during the time I was, it was straight into this thing with Becky and then figuring out where to go from there.

I don’t want to say we were friends, but I had no problem with her. Now obviously we are a tag team" - she added. "I think there’s still a side of me, at least that’s like that’s the most important match of my career that I’ve had, I think, thus far, obviously, title measure.

Of course, it doesn’t get bigger than that, but I still feel incomplete, like I haven’t had my WrestleMania moment. At the time, everyone’s calling their family and it turns into a 30-minute discussion about the pandemic and this virus, and we understood the value in putting on a product where for three hours, two nights in a row, people didn’t talk about that.

I think they’re going to look for it, even just for a glimpse of a window. We gave people something else to have their minds on. So we got that it was very important in that sense."