Why Lars Sullivan really took so long before making WWE return

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Why Lars Sullivan really took so long before making WWE return

In the last episode aired last Friday of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE has sent three sensational returns, with the New Day that has been completely reformed for a single evening, (then divided due to the Draft), sees the returns of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to the ring and the return to the square of the blue show also of the former NXT monster, Lars Sullivan, who has returned to sow panic among the roster of the company, attacking anyone who happens to be at his hand.

Apparently, the name of the SmackDown beast would have come out several times over the past few weeks, with the insiders of the company having in fact already abundantly hypothesized the return to the ring of the athlete, who had been missing from the McMahon television screens, for now, more than a year.

But why did Lars Sullivan take so long to get back into the WWE rings?

Update on Lars Sullivan

According to what was revealed by the voice of the ever-present Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the athlete drafted at Smackdown would in fact have undergone two surgical operations on a knee, with the second operation having bad undesirable effects, which slowed down and did not little rehabilitation of the wrestler.

As reported in one of the latest WON Newsletters, in fact, Meltzer revealed: "Lars Sullivan had a major knee operation, which eventually became infected and forced him out of the picture for much longer. But he had been ready to return for some time and the company has waited until now to bring him back on stage."

Apparently, as if the problems associated with the emergence of his red light video weren't enough, Lars Sullivan He was also struck by a nasty infection on his operated knee, with the limb being monitored for months by WWE doctors, who eventually declared him adept at returning to the McMahon rings, with executives deciding to keep him.

h*t for the sensational return to the annual Draft. WWE booked a match between Lars Sullivan and Jeff Hardy for this weeks’ Friday Night SmackDown. Sullivan and Braun Strowman are still being kept off the same brands to separate the company’s two big monster characters.

It was also noted that Sullivan had been ready for some time prior to this and WWE waited until the Draft to bring him back. Days after his return, he found himself in controversy yet again when he was accused of making inappropriate comments to an online yoga instructor and asking for “booty photos”.