WWE moved big angles in WWE Draft to keep FOX happy

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WWE moved big angles in WWE Draft to keep FOX happy

In the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw and especially Friday Night SmackDown, WWE has staged several large angles and segments, with several sensational returns or several title changes or feudal beginnings that have kept WWE Universe fans from home glued in two truly crackling episodes linked to the 2020 Draft.

After seeing one of the best episodes of the blue show of the entire year, some indiscretions have also emerged in the last hours on the reasons that would have pushed the McMahons to commit so much for a "simple" weekly episode of their TV tapings, with the usual industry sites that come to our aid and always bring us fresh news to draw from.

According to what has been revealed in the last hours by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, the greatest storylines and the top Raw Superstars sent with the Draft to Smackdown, would serve the WWE to please the management of FOX, given that the partnership with USA Network seems long-lasting and well-traveled, while the one with the American sports broadcaster, on the other hand, would still limp a little.

WWE moved big angles in WWE Draft to keep FOX happy

As revealed in the latest Newsletter, the arrival in the blue show of Rey Mysterio and his children, Dominik and Alalyah, as well as Seth Rollins and Murphy, is said to serve the blue show to attract even more the attention of WWE Universe fans in the product offered on FOX, with journalists who in fact reported: "We were told by a key person within WWE that the three big angles used in Smackdown were chosen on purpose because Raw is now armored with USA, no matter what happens or what USA Network needs, because if they take that show off, the Network collapses in the ratings.

FOX, on the other hand, does not need Smackdown." Although many fans have already complained that Raw seems to have come out of the draft much more reinforced than the blue show on Friday night, on the other hand at Smackdown the executives of the company based out of Stamford seem to focus strongly on two fundamental points, Roman Reigns as Universal champion and the storyline that has been going on for months between Mysterio, Seth Rollins and Murphy, with all the protagonists who are now part of the blue roster, who will be called shortly to a final showdown not to be missed.

It was also noted that Fox is “heavily into sports and sports rights are escalating”. The feeling is that “niche sports” might be in trouble as far as landing a good deal.