*Spoiler* Roman Reigns debuts new finisher

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns debuts new finisher

In the last episode of the blue show that aired in the night, or Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns is back once again to grapple with the bearded giant Braun Strowman, with the former Universal Champion thus having his last chance to wrest the title from the hands of the Big Dog, before its definitive move to Raw, thanks to the draft.

In the episode dedicated to the Season Premiere of the show that airs on FOX, Braun Strowman tried in every way to beat his arch-rival of the last period, with Reigns who, however, once again annihilated the former member of the Wyatt Family, as already done in Payback's triple threat match at the end of August, where Reigns became Universal champion.

Roman Reigns debuts new finisher

After an almost even match, Roman Reigns managed to get the better of the Raw giant with a brand new submission finisher, which Reigns had never used to close his WWE matches, a "guillotine" maneuver, which he did sell Strowman in seconds.

As reported by Michael Cole in the commentary phase, this should be the first time Reigns has won a match by submission, with his brand new finisher adding to his already large pool of moves. After the match, the cousin Jey Uso also arrived to reach the Universal champion, who as we recall is still in feud with the champion, who after some little bickering and after seeing Reigns attack Strowman with a chair, kicked the Big Dog , starting to use the chair on him, with Roman, however, who managed to free himself from the referees who were trying to divide the two, hitting Jey with a resounding Superman Punch, which thus closed the Smackdown night on FOX.

Reigns has used the spear as his main finisher since he made his debut back in 2012 and has never needed to have a submission in his arsenal. The addition of this level of move means that Reigns has even more ways to torture his cousin Jey Uso when he steps into Hell in a Cell in just over a week’s time.

Coming to Roman Reigns, the assumption is that he will hold on to the Universal Title for a while. He is gearing up to put the title on the line at Hell in a Cell where the challenger is none other than his cousin, Jey Uso.

Uso appeared in the ring after The Big Dog and the Monster Among Men ended their battle. The Universal Champion ordered Uso to enter the ring. To show his cousin what he is capable of, Roman Reigns attacked a passed-out Strowman with a steel chair.