*Spoiler* Murphy helps Rey and Dominik Mysterio

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*Spoiler* Murphy helps Rey and Dominik Mysterio

In the episode of Friday Night Smackdown that ended a few hours ago, WWE staged several twists on several of its storylines, such as the titled victory of Roman Reigns over Braun Strowman, with the Universal Champion who thus maintained the title firmly at his side thanks to a brand new final move, or the return to the rings of the blue show of Daniel Bryan, absent for months from the WWE in-ring action due to the birth of his second son, who has in fact returned to the scene this night, going to hold a promo in the center of the ring.

Just during the promo Daniel Bryan was doing at the center of the ThunderDome, with his wife Brie Bella waiting from home and connected with their children to one of the company's ThunderDome monitors, the former WWE Champion thanked the Draft for allowing to bringing the likes of Kevin Owens, Aleister Black and Apollo Crews to Smackdown, with brand new big challenges now opening on the horizon.

To intervene immediately after the promo on Bryan's microphone, it was however the now ex-Messiah of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins, who microphone in hand asked Bryan if he was with or against him, with Rollins who did not however appreciated the straight answer from the Yes Man and finally attacked him.

After having taken a good deal of it from Bryan, Seth Rollins however escaped, with Rey and Dominik Mysterio who, however, arrived in a hurry from the backstage, to bring Rollins back to the ring and receive his deserved revenge from Bryan.

At this point, however, the unexpected happened. To intervene to save Rollins, Murphy took care of it, who initially seemed to want to take the side of his Messiah, while instead in the end he too attacked the former Architect of the Shield, then offering a handshake to the Mysterio, who instead refused and left the ring.

As he said that, Seth Rollins’ music played and he walked out to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Murphy helps Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Rollins gave Bryan a chance to mold the future of the industry and he asked “are you with me or against me?” Bryan called Rollins’ vision self-indulgent and short-sighted and just plain dumb and Rollins didn’t like that so he attacked Bryan but it didn’t last long because Bryan fought back with a running clothesline and several YES kicks before Rollins ran out of the ring.

As Rollins walked up to the ramp, Rey and Dominik Mysterio walked out and Rollins went back in the ring and Bryan left to allow Rey and Dominik to beat on Rollins but then Murphy ran out to help Rollins. That was a swerve because Murphy took down and attacked Rollins. Murphy offered a handshake but Rey and Dominik walked out because they don’t trust him.