WWE planning to repackage Big E into a serious character

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WWE planning to repackage Big E into a serious character

As widely seen in the penultimate episode of Friday Night Smackdown dedicated to the first evening of the 2020 Draft, WWE wanted to separate the New Day after years of working together, with the three multi-champion guys of both rosters, who have seen to separate their paths in an unexpected way, with the athlete who was most bitter for this split that seems to have been Big E, left alone in Smackdown by teammates.

Apparently, the two Raw athletes are expected to continue working together at the moment, while Big E should definitely start his solo journey, with WWE appearing to have big plans in mind for him in that blue show, with the main event which could be the final destination of his push.

News on Big E

According to what has been revealed by the Wrestling Observer in the last few hours, the WWE executives would have in mind to modify in a very important way the character of E in the rings of Smackdown, with an all-round "repackaging" operation, which should remove all those lines comedy from the character of the former NXT champion, bringing him back to being a much more serious and "bad" fighter than usual.

As reported in one of the latest Meltzer Newsletters, in fact: "With Kingston and Woods moving to Raw as tag team champions, Big E will obviously remain a single. WWE's idea is to take Big E out of the action for a while and make it more serious for a single push."

For the moment, no details have yet been disclosed on what the new Big E character will have to do, with the company trying to make it more important and more serious, so as to make it main event merchandise and in the future, perhaps, even merchandise.

from a world title, with the muscular former New Day member looking so at a very important crossroads, which could finally lead him to the Olympus of the wrestlers that count in WWE. According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea behind the decision was to get Big E "out of the comedic mode" and make him a more serious competitor and give him singles push in the process.

Meltzer noted that talk of pushing Big E as a singles star had started several weeks leading up to the WWE Draft. As per the pre-draft pools, The New Day was listed as the one team that could have been picked by the same brand. However, this is not the first time that WWE has broken up tag teams in the draft in order to push individual stars.