Reason for WWE canceling Raw Underground revealed

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Reason for WWE canceling Raw Underground revealed

In recent weeks, WWE had seen fit to air a new concept of wrestling in the last hour of Monday Night Raw, with the son of the company's Chairman, Shane McMahon, who presented in fact from the basement of the Orlando Performance Center, his very personal edition of Raw Underground, a new format dedicated to "illegal" challenges, in which many of the highs of Raw, Smackdown and NXT came to blows on a black ring without ropes, with an unofficial referee and in a match without rules.

After the Stamford-based company aired several episodes of this format, in the very last episodes of Monday Night Raw, the show presented by Shane McMahon seems to have disappeared, with several online rumors that have followed one another in recent days, claiming as Raw Underground had been completely canceled.

WWE likely isn’t going to bring back Raw Underground

Apparently, although the news is not official, the WWE Raw Underground would have closed its doors for good, with Shane McMahon who will never return to present his gambling den show, for a clear intention of the management of the federation and the broadcasters that send.

weekly TV tapings are on air. As revealed by Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, WWE would no longer have wanted all the alteti of Raw, Smackdown and NXT to mix together to record the segments of the Underground show, with the well-known journalist who in fact told: "This is currently the result of a problem with WWE and apparently this would be definitive.

The reason there is no more Raw Underground is because Raw Underground was a segment that involved Raw talent, Smackdown talent, and talent from NXT and the Performance Center. So, the reason there will be no more Raw Underground is that the company no longer wants to have all these athletes involved in the mix of brands in one segment."

Apparently, the problems with the pandemic virus are said to have initially created some concern within the company, with a small outbreak at NXT that prevented the first weeks of recording the segment, with the Draft and TV stations wanting to keep well divided.

the "own athletes" who would finally give the coup de grace, definitively killing the Raw format. The concern is that if there is another outbreak of COVID-19 within the WWE roster then Raw Underground has the potential of spreading the virus to every brand that participates in the segment. It is interesting that they feel this way considering all the Raw Superstars who will be on SmackDown this week.