Becky Lynch reportedly backstage on SmackDown this week

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Becky Lynch reportedly backstage on SmackDown this week

Becky Lynch has been missing from WWE since May, to be exact the day after Money in the Bank. In that circumstance she took part in Monday Night Raw, to announce to the world her break from the ring to become a mother. An unforgettable moment, which was sealed by the sale of her Raw champion belt to a very excited Asuka (who completed her turn face in that very circumstance).

Since then, not much news has come about Becky or her pregnancy, also due to her and her husband Seth Rollins' precise choice to try to keep their personal lives as private as possible. It should therefore come as no surprise to know that the Irish wrestler actually attended SmackDown this Friday night, even though no one saw her.

As discovered by Steve Carrier of 'Ringside News', in fact, Becky Lynch has decided to pay a visit to friends and colleagues by showing up in the backstage of SmackDown, obviously in the company of that Seth Rollins in his very first week as a Superstar of the blue show.

The Lass Kicker, who became The Man during the enormous push that made her the female champion of both roster at WrestleMania 35, has decided not to participate in any segment or interview proposed by the WWE, limiting herself to a simple pleasure visit.

Update on Becky Lynch

According to Steve Carrier, Becky Lynch would have been clear to friends and colleagues about her intention not to interrupt her career once she becomes a mother, and can't wait to get back into the ring.

Furthermore, the Irishman would have told in great detail how much it is weighing on her to stay at home without working, with the desire to get into the ring as soon as possible that she would already be feeling in all her strength.

Recall that Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch will give birth to their first child and that the happy event should occur around the month of December. Only in 2021 it will therefore be clearer to establish what the prospects for a career in WWE and more generally in wrestling are for the former champion of both Raw and SmackDown.

The former RAW Women’s Champion has been out of action since this past March. She was last seen in action when she retained the title by defeating Shayna Baszler during night one of Wrestlemania 36 tapings. Fast forward to May, she announced that he was expecting her first child with Rollins. As a result, she relinquished the title and took a step back from the limelight during her pregnancy.