Dominik Mysterio might lose his last name in WWE

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Dominik Mysterio might lose his last name in WWE

With the draft of this 2020, the couple formed by father and son, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, ended up in Smackdown, just like their archenemies Seth Rollins and Murphy, who also landed from the blue part of the WWE roster thanks to the draft that this year has created sensational background, such as the split of the New Day or the exchange of the titles of duo champions of both brands.

After the draft of the father and son, who were drafted together like several other couples, also the daughter Aalyah obviously should now appear in the rings of the blue show, as a fundamental part of the storyline that binds the Mysterio family to Murphy and also to the ex Raw Messiah, Rollins.

Apparently, however, the young athlete of the company, Dominik, could soon lose his artistic surname, or Mysterio, with the WWE having bought new rights only on the name, which could thus portend a new change on television screens.

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Dominik Mysterio might lose his last name

After registering the new brands of the federation, with WWE having already banked the terms "Prince Mysterio" or "Dominik Mysterio", in the last few days the WWE would also acquire the rights to the name "Dominick" alone, which among the 'other is also written in a different way than how Dominik Mysterio wants to be called in the ring of the company.

Although his real name is Dominik Gutierrez, without the C in the name, WWE would still have paid the royalties to that version of his name, with all these new titles that could hide something. In fact, in one of his latest interviews, Dominik had already revealed that his intention, that of his father, as well as of the company of the McMahons, was to make him wear a mask in a short time, so as to carry on the family tradition in the rings of wrestling all over the world, just like Rey did with his Mexican uncle, who gave him his mask and name many years ago.

Among the many other names that WWE has registered in its brands, the most obvious are also those that come out of NXT UK, with the McMahon company having acquired the rights to the names of: Joseph Connors, Kenny Williams, Levi Muir and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.

Other names registered on October 13th came from the NXT brand, specially NXT UK. Those names included Joseph Connors, Kenny Williams, Levi Muir, and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.