Daniel Bryan on Testing Himself Against the Best

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Daniel Bryan on Testing Himself Against the Best

Daniel Bryan is a former WWE Champion and he recently spoke about wanting to test himself against the best. Daniel Brayan is one of the most famous WWE stars currently in the WWE locker room. His career was full of bumps as he nearly had to retire twice, due to concussions.

However, he always returned after retiring and has since then been doing alright.

Daniel Bryan on Wanting to Test Himself Against The Best

Bryan lost the WWE title more than a year ago at WrestleMania 35 to Kofi Kingston.

Since then he has won the WWE Intercontinental title but has never really been part of a major main even storyline. He appeared on Talking Smack recently. He spoke about his WWE return and his future plans. He recently made his return to WWE TV as he was absent for a very long time after he lost the WWE intercontinental Title.

"I am at a point now, in my life and career, where I want to test myself against the best performers in WWE," said Bryan. "Whether that's against people I haven't faced yet, and even people I have faced, since we've all evolved.

"I noticeably have lesser spring in my step as the match goes on, something I realized during my match against AJ Styles," added Bryan. Daniel Brayn is still at high risk of getting injured. In fact, many people believe that he got injured after WrestleMania 35 and had to take some time off.

He also had bouts of depression after suffering from numerous concussions. He stated that he has seen a dip in his athletic ability as he has taken a large time off and has not been able to jump as high as he used too. "I never had a problem with endurance before.

[Although] I still don't get tired but later in a match, I can't jump as high anymore, and AJ still can. "And its funny because he's older than me. How is this fair? I train my butt off," joked Bryan. Daniel Bryan has also been reportedly part of the Smackdown writing team.

"As we evolve, I look at wrestling a bit differently. This is my martial art with a focus on the artistic side. This is a test of myself. When I go out there for an interview or match, its a test of me, and my opponents are giving me examples on what I need to work on as a human, an athlete, and a wrestler," he said.