AJ Styles could be getting an enforcer in WWE

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AJ Styles could be getting an enforcer in WWE

Many times, rumors end up revealing to WWE Universe fans of plans that the Stamford company would have prepared for them and would never air for several problems or creative changes of ideas, with the Superstars of the federation together with the management they must devise new plans for the storylines in which they have been inserted.

Apparently, even the gigantic bodyguard who was guarding the basement door of the WWE Performance Center, where Raw Underground segments were recorded until a few weeks ago, should have had well-defined plans in the WWE rings before that the company management then reconsidered and canceled (at least temporarily) everything.

According to what was revealed in the last few hours from the pages of the Fightful site, WWE had in mind to insert the black giant of Raw Underground, or the fighter Jordan Omogbehin, seen in the ring of the company also in the guise of the giant masked ninja of Akira Tozawa, in a important storyline alongside former WWE Champion AJ Styles.

At the moment it is not known if these plans have been completely shelved or if in the future the thing will be realized anyway, but the certain thing is that with this storyline, the boy would have received several limelight on himself, as happened in the past with other athletes, who have become very famous in the WWE rings with this role.

AJ Styles could be getting an enforcer in WWE

Recall that Omogbehin is one of the athletes who entered NXT in the wave that saw the other athletes arrive in Stamford: Mia Yim, Damian Priest and Matt Riddle, with the giant who, however, did not have a stint at NXT in front of the company's cameras.

, which used it only in some very short segments of the main roster. Furthermore, for the moment, the reasons that prompted WWE to cancel this storyline are unknown, with the passage of AJ Styles to Smackdown which could have changed the company's mind, but given that with the Draft the former Intercontinental champion of the company is back in the red show, maybe in the near future the executives could re-enact the plans previously thought out for him and for the big boy from Raw Underground right in the ring of the Monday night flag show.

According to a report by Fightful, some ideas were pitched in the company which would see Jordan Omogbehin becoming the enforcer for AJ Styles on Monday Night RAW. Jordan Omogbehin was in the same class of recruits in the WWE Performance Center as Mia Yim, Matt Riddle, and Damian Priest. He also played the role of Akira Tozawa’s ninja before he was made the bouncer for RAW Underground.