Vince McMahon still sees money in Goldberg

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Vince McMahon still sees money in Goldberg

One of the athletes most loved by WCW fans and later also by those of the WWE, was certainly Bill Goldberg, an athlete whose maximum fame reached its peak between the 90s and the early 2000s, with the athlete who, after leaving the McMahon rings, finally returned to us only a few years ago, entering the Hall of Fame dedicated to the legends of the Stamford company and then even winning two Universal titles of the company.

Apparently, although the fighter is now almost 54 years old, Chairman of the Stamford-based federation, Vince McMahon company would still see in him some possible matches to be staged, with a truly enviable physical shape at his age, which however ends in a somewhat athletic performance subdued after a few minutes of match.

Despite the still statuesque physique, the fighter would not be able to carry on a very long match, as the breath and stamina are no longer those of 20 years ago.

Vince McMahon still sees money in Goldberg

According to Inside The Ropes, Vince McMahon still sees something in Goldberg no matter what people think.

We’re also told “Vince McMahon couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about him using Goldberg” and the head honcho still believes there is value in the Goldberg name. Vince McMahon is set in his ways.

He will not care what others think if his mind is made up. Goldberg is also contracted for more matches over the next couple of years. He will wrestle again, and Vince McMahon will use him whether people approve or not. Although many insiders, many wrestlers and many fans have complained to WWE about the use of a 50-year-old now almost permanently retired from wrestling wrestling, Vince McMahon would not care about the thinking of such people, with the owner of the company that if a perfect plan comes out, it would bring Da Man back to the WWE rings once again, to try to make as much money as possible with his appearances, as many fans still run after their idol from the WCW days, despite the fact that they are now over.

20 years. Initial ratings for SmackDown showed an average of 1.987million viewers, but the Blue Brand has been doing comfortably north of two million since the return of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. That’s not the injection WWE expected, but given what they’re paying Goldberg to have just two matches a year McMahon will continue to try and milk his name value where possible.