Mick Foley donated pieces of WWE history to be buried with fans

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Mick Foley donated pieces of WWE history to be buried with fans

Many times the WWE tells not only stories about its rings, but also wonderful stories outside the shows put on by its wrestlers, with several of them having a heart of gold, which manages to excite and give a few moments of relief also to people who have been suffering for some time from very bad diseases that unfortunately leave no way out.

One of these wonderful men is WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, who only after years of these fantastic gestures revealed where some memorabilia from the ring he wore on-screen several years ago, in the famous angle of "This is Your Life" with The Rock, with some fans who were curious as to where they could buy some historical pieces of the ring attire of the former Raw General Manager, with his response that made the eyes of some others shine fan, who was moved by the words of the Hall of Famer.

That question prompted Foley to reveal something about that Rocko puppet and the jacket he wore during that famous This Is Your Life segment.

Mick Foley has a heart of gold

The one and only Mr Rocko was buried with a young man in Staten Island, who died of muscular dystrophy.

The jacket I am wearing in this photo was buried with a young man in West Virginia who died of cancer. "I am forever grateful that these gifts were a small source of comfort. Another fan tweeted out a photo of a very rare Cactus Jack action figure with the following caption: “One the rarest Cactus Jack action figures is buried with Mick Foley’s permission with Kaitlynn LeBleu who died of Giant Axonal Neuropathy.

This was one of Kaitlynn’s last request. I will never forget you telling what an honor it was for her to want this”. Apparently, moreover, Mick Foley would not be new to these kinds of gifts, with other fans who wanted to testify the goodness of mind of the former WWE wrestler, with some photos and some testimonies that revealed how Foley gave several objects very dear to his fans, which were then buried with them after their death.

Mick Foley then reflected on being able to work with CM Punk in 2012, despite not being able to wrestle him due to a failed concussion test. “When I was asked to come back in 2012, keep in mind it was April 2012 that I took the WWE impact test, concussion testing.

I was aware even as it was going on that it was not going well for me. So, independent of WWE I made an appointment with the top neurologists in the country and the next day John Laurinaitis called me and two of the top neurologists told me, I could never wrestle again."