Vince McMahon has a return match planned for Becky Lynch

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Vince McMahon has a return match planned for Becky Lynch

The last few days have seen WWE circles returning to talk insistently about Becky Lynch. As known, the Irish wrestler is firm due to pregnancy, but her extraordinary journey that led her to graduate female champion of both Raw and SmackDown in the main event of WrestleMania 35 is still indelible in the memory of anyone who works in WWE.

Starting with Vince McMahon himself. That is why now we are starting to talk seriously about the possible date of his return to action. Becky Lynch seems to have secretly presented herself to SmackDown last Friday. A courtesy visit to friends and colleagues, in which he would still express his deep desire to return to wrestling as soon as possible.

Compatibly with the physical conditions of her and the child she will bring into the world around next December. Obviously, this still makes it difficult to establish when The Man will actually be ready to return to wrestling at full capacity, also and above all for a speech of physical and athletic fitness level.

Yet a roadmap already exists, at least as reported by '' The American site has in fact discovered that Vince McMahon would be trying to organize the great return of Becky Lynch in conjunction with WrestleMania 37.

Vince McMahon wants a fan-packed WrestleMania

The month of April 2021 would therefore be what in the imagination of the WWE Boss should coincide with the appearance in the ring of the new mother, with the unborn child who in the meantime will have about five months of life.

An undoubtedly ambitious prospect, in front of which it will be necessary to verify the availability of Becky Lynch on the one hand and that of Seth Rollins himself (husband of the former champion) on the other. Becky Lynch, in any case, seems to have been clear during her surprise appearance at SmackDown: according to 'Ringside News' she would have clearly expressed her intention not to interrupt her career once she becomes a mother, and not to see wait to get back in action in the ring.

Furthermore, the Irishman would have told in great detail how much it is weighing on her to stay at home without working, with the desire to get into the ring as soon as possible that she would already be feeling in all her strength.

It is no secret that Vince McMahon wants fans back in the arena and take WWE out of ThunderDome as soon as possible. The same source also added that McMahon is reluctant to do have a massive match like Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey with no fans present.