WWE has big plans in store for Lana

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WWE has big plans in store for Lana

Last week's episode of Monday Night Raw (aired on 12th October) presented a colossal surprise: the female Battle Royal that was to establish Asuka's next challenger for the title of female champion was, in fact, won by Lana.

And Lana who is currently the peak of a career that has always seen her in the role of manager (however, almost always with poor results) has left little room for action. Rusev's wife has also, moreover, often attracted various criticisms for a not very high technical level and a certain "woodiness" in the moves.

Yet her unexpected exploit in the episode of Raw on October 12th may not be the last step in her great growth in the balance of Raw. This is stated by the 'Wrestling Observer', according to which there is a "big plan" of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with the aim of making Lana not only a good wrestler, but also a "super babyface"

In fact, not only her victory with a consequent titled opportunity would go in this direction, but also the brutal attack suffered at the hands of Nia Jax, who after the victory in the Battle Royal in question proceeded to crash it loudly through the table of commentators.

"Turn" Lana: Never seen like this in WWE

This narrative twist, if confirmed, would undoubtedly be interesting for a Lana who would find herself wearing completely new clothes throughout her career. The fighter born in Florida and who spent her childhood in Latvia has in fact spent almost all of her career in WWE playing the "bad", except for the brief spell as a "lover" of Dolph Ziggler and the subsequent one of Rusev Day.

at that time, however, the boom of Rusev and Aiden English saw the beautiful manager take on partly devious clothes, as a substantial reason for tension between the two great allies. Moreover Lana, after the failed storyline of the "marriage" with Bobby Lashley, seemed to be going through a phase of "punishment" by the WWE after the exit of her husband, Rusev who has quit the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and who now goes by his real name Miro in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

A theory that would be sensationally denied in the face of this new project, which sees her as a potential darling of the crowds in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).