*Spoiler* Otis shows up on WWE Raw under mask

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*Spoiler* Otis shows up on WWE Raw under mask

After undergoing the Draft and thus passing into the rings of Monday Night Raw, Tucker found himself without the other part of Heavy Machinery, with Otis who instead remained at Friday Night Smackdown and with the team that was so split by the WWE, just like the New Day, with two of the stable members who switched to Raw with the couple titles by their side and with Big E who is destined to do great things but in single, in the Smackdown ring.

Apparently, though, Tucker hasn't been alone for long, with a huge "new" couple mate who would make his official ring debut on Raw and WWE in general in the last episode of Monday Night Raw gone. aired in the night.

Otis shows up on WWE Raw under the mask

During the episode that ended just a few hours ago of Raw, WWE staged a somewhat hilarious angle, with Otis appearing alongside Tucker, who introduced him as his new tag team partner, in the challenge still far from the 'be defined as ending with Miz and Morrison.

The name of the mysterious luchador who appeared for the first time in the Raw rings, who has a purple cloak and mask with him is that of El Gran Gordo, which translated into Italian would be "the big fat man" and obviously would be interpreted by Otis, who being masked thus manages not to reveal his identity, just like John Cena did a few years ago or before him Hulk Hogan, in the role of Mr America, in the Smackdown ring.

After insulting Otis and his teammates, with The Miz saying that after separating Otis from his girlfriend Mandy and his partner Tucker, he will soon also separate him from Money in the Bank, between the four athletes the challenge has started, with a tag team match which took place immediately afterwards during the evening and which ended with the victory of El Gran Gordo and Tucker, thanks to the intervention of R-Truth, who unwittingly distracted Otis and Miz, allowing the chubby wrestler to have the best of his enemy.

When the time came, Tucker introduced his tag team partner who he searched for “all over the globe”. Then he brought out El Gran Gordo who was Otis in a pink mask, cape, and trunks. The Miz called Otis out. Mr Money In The Bank didn’t do a good job hiding his identity.

He was even holding the Money In The Bank lunch box. The Miz cut a promo on Otis where he said that he separated Otis from Mandy Rose and Tucker, and he will separate Otis from the Money In The Bank contract next. Tucker and El Gran Gordo rushed the ring and they ran The A-Lister and Johnny Drip Drip out off before starting their tag team match.