Orange County's inspections to prevent virus spread extends to WWE realm

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Orange County's inspections to prevent virus spread extends to WWE realm

In recent weeks it seems that in the whole world there has been a second and even stronger wave of infections of the virus that has been gripping the entire globe for about a year now, with WWE that despite having taken all the necessary precautions, is still risking internal infections, having already had several outbreaks among his wrestlers, both at NXT and in the main roster.

Apparently, the state of Florida is said to have started specific inspections, which will also bring the WWE under its control, with the Orange County public health department already having started very specific protocols, to see if different structures of its territory maintain the necessary distances, if it has the necessary security systems and above all, if anyone in the WWE can be a carrier of the virus, with the WWE that in this case seems to be "attacked" on three fronts.

All three WWE centers are under checking by Orange County

According to what was revealed by multiple sources coming from overseas, the Department of Public Health of Orange County would have started investigations on the following buildings, to see if in these structures there is a danger of contracting the famous virus and if therefore such places they must be kept closed or in any case closely monitored.
The facilities in question would be:
- Jesus School, Judah Church
- Amazon Distribution Center, Boggy Creek
- WWE Amway Center
- Plaza on University Apartments
- Crunch Fitness, Colonial Drive
- Crunch Fitness, Hoffner
- Starbound Performers
- WWE Full Sail
- WWE Performance Center, Forsyth.

As we can see from the list reported by W-FTV 9, WWE has three of its most important structures in the list of structures to monitor, namely the Amway Center from which it records the tapings of the weekly main roster shows and the PPV most important of the company, the Performance Center in which McMahons have recently obtained the Capitol Wrestling Center and finally the Full Sail Arena, which has however been temporarily abandoned by the federation, to give space to the CWC and the return of the public to the hall for NXT.

We will now see what happens to the WWE shows, if more restrictive measures are taken or if the company will have to abandon some of its customs, to prevent possible infections that could increase the outbreaks in Florida.