The Undertaker to be the focus of Survivor Series 2020

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The Undertaker to be the focus of Survivor Series 2020

As you all know by now, during the last episode of the docu-series dedicated to him: The Last Ride, The Undertaker announced to the whole world that he wanted to retire from wrestling, preferring now to remain in his big house in Texas, in the company of wife Michelle McCool and her children, after spending 30 years in pro-wrestling rings all over the world, which saw him suffer, get injured but also win whatever he could want.

After the announcement that shocked the world, another one could come that would leave fans stunned, with WWE apparently devoting the next edition of its Survivor Series entirely to the 30-year career that the Deadman of the McMahon-owned federation will celebrate this year, having made his debut for the WWE in the 1990 edition of Survivor Series.

In that Pay-Per-View (PPV), he emerged from the unknown as the partner of Ted DiBiase, who like him, has also been elected into the WWE Hall of Famer.

Survivor Series 2020 will be all about The Undertaker

According to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site Wrestle Votes, it would be only a matter of days, before the WWE officially announces this news, or that the next edition of the Survivor Series will be totally focused on the Deadman and the career that lasted 30 years, with The Undertaker himself who is also expected to appear in the company's rings, after months of absence.

As reported in a tweet from the famous site, in fact: "The upcoming 11/22 Survivor Series PPV will be built around the 30th Anniversary of The Undertaker, including him making a live appearance on the show. A source states as of now, The Undertaker will not be wrestling at the event."

Although there are still no matches advertised for the event, a rumour in recent weeks reported how WWE may have already created a match starring the boys of the Retribution, in one of the classic elimination matches of the Pay-Per-View (PPV).

Although it looks as though The Undertaker will not be fighting in the event, it is still certain that something special will happen, with the company's historic Deadman returning to the federation rings for the happiness of his fans.

If The Undertaker does make an in-ring appearance, it will be his first since his match against AJ Styles at the WrestleMania 36.