Jimmy Uso's rumored return date

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Jimmy Uso's rumored return date

In recent months Jey Uso has been an often featured protagonist in WWE where he has been involved since September in the feud with his cousin and current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Probably Jey had this chance also thanks to the injury of his brother Jimmy who has been out of action for several months due to a knee injury.

In general, it must be remembered that the wrestler Jimmy Uso suffered a serious injury in the last edition of WrestleMania 36 during the Ladder Match valid for the SmackDown Tag Team titles. During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer gave further updates on the conditions of the wrestler.

Will The Usos split up after Jimmy Uso's return to WWE?

Meltzer revealed that the six-time WWE Tag Team Champion has undergone surgery and is expected to return anytime between November and January. To tell the truth, we recently saw Jimmy on WWE TV where he was throwing in the towel on his brother's behalf in Clash of Champions when he met current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

After the Draft Jey Uso remained in SmackDown where he will continue his feud against Roman Reigns; instead, Jimmy did not participate in the Draft at all due to the injury. Also, Naomi, WWE superstar and wife of Jimmy Uso recently moved to Monday Night Raw and this could be a clue.

With the New Day divided, the WWE Universe is thinking the Usos will split up because WWE has always kept couples together in the past and now it's different. Meltzer tried to answer this question who revealed that WWE has no plans to split Jey and Jimmy Uso and that when the latter returns he will participate in the Smackdown roster.

With WWE staging no live events and superstars taking part in only one show each week, however, there is no need for real-life couples to be part of the same show at all costs. Jimmy Uso's wife and WWE Superstar Naomi, was drafted to RAW from SmackDown in the recent draft.

With The New Day being split up in the draft, the WWE Universe have wondered if The Usos will also split up as WWE have kept real-life couples together on the same brand. Meltzer has revealed that WWE currently does not have any plans to split the brothers up and that when Jimmy Uso returns, he will likely join the SmackDown roster once again.

With WWE not holding live events and Superstars taking part in just one show each week, there's no need for real-life WWE couples to be on the same brand.