Backstage belief on Vince McMahon delegating creative to Paul Heyman and Triple H

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Backstage belief on Vince McMahon delegating creative to Paul Heyman and Triple H

In 2020 it is always an interesting question regarding Vince McMahon and the current role held by the WWE Chairman within the company, especially when it comes to making important decisions about the product, about the importance of this or that Superstar and the more important Raw and SmackDown storylines.

An always h*t issue, especially considering Triple H's ever-increasing specific weight and the figure of Paul Heyman, decidedly bulky given his authoritative precedents in the business and his ability to build a show.

For this and other reasons, it is increasingly legitimate to ask: when exactly will Vince McMahon decide to delegate even a part of his power to those around him? And if this happens, how willing is the old Boss to give up his always undisputed weight in the company? Steve Carrier of 'Ringside News' has arrived to take stock of the delicate issue.

In a news story published exclusively on his site, Carrier recalled how Vince McMahon is "a complicated man, who knows what he wants and" that if he could do every single job in WWE he would. "An old legend, described as" true to 100%", despite the fact that something has moved in the last few months.

Ringside News has learned that behind the scenes at WWE it is believed that Vince McMahon has missed the opportunity to delegate responsibility, especially to Paul Heyman and Triple H.

Update on Vince McMahon's future

A big shot of the WWE creative team, with a deep understanding of the situation, would have revealed: "Both Paul Heyman and Triple H have shown they can carry the weight of WWE on their shoulders"

It has also been said that both Heyman and Triple H "know perfectly well how to carry the product forward" and also that "they are able to get the most out of WWE talent" Vince McMahon would therefore not even have the need to step aside completely to make things work.

And 'Ringside News' adds that if Vince had only given Paul Heyman and Triple H creative power "they could have focused Vince on a progressive path" Paul Heyman convinced Vince McMahon to build new Superstars.

Let's not forget he played a major role in WWE ten years ago when he took his "SmackDown Catering Crew" to the top of the roster. Then McMahon became impatient, which, coupled with the collapse in ratings concurrent with the pandemic, prompted the Chairman to remove Paul Heyman from the position of executive director of Raw.

Paul Heyman had Vince McMahon convinced to build new Superstars. Heyman was looking at WWE a decade from now and saw people like his “SmackDown Catering Crew” on top of the roster. Then McMahon grew impatient which coupled with the pandemic’s ratings slide caused The Chairman to remove Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Raw.