Jack Swagger accuses WWE of ‘lying’ about profits

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Jack Swagger accuses WWE of ‘lying’ about profits

In recent years, WWE has been doing its utmost in various social fields, trying to help as many foundations and as many people as possible, from the fight against childhood cancer, with the terrifying and exciting battle of little Connor Michalek, who together with Triple H and Daniel Bryan were the protagonists of an exciting angle on the WWE rings, up to the continuous battles of Susan G Komen, with the fight against the woman's breast cancer, with the WWE that has never backed down from any point of view above all when it came to helping without receiving anything in return.

Although many believe that such activities are carried out by the company only for advertising, many others instead view the McMahons and the entire WWE company with a lot of respect, in this regard, with people like John Cena or Roman Reigns, who they have also become fundamental points of the Make a Wish for sick children.

After winning an award as "Company of the Year 2020", won in the PR News CSR & Nonprofit Awards, WWE was in fact attacked hard by its former world champion Jack Swagger, who performs today in the AEW rings, with the Jake Hager's name.

After the official thanks of the WWE, started on Twitter by the daughter of the owner of the company, Stephanie McMahon, who had posted the following message on her personal profile, Hager wanted to attack the federation in no uncertain terms, accusing it of having lied about its profits to be able to fire 300 people.

Jack Swagger accuses WWE of ‘lying’ about profits

As noted by Sportskeeda, WWE drew controversy following the first wave of mass releases, as the promotion’s quarterly profits noticeably increased despite how the job cuts were seemingly necessitated by financial concerns.

In contrast, AEW “earned goodwill” with fans as the pandemic continued to affect businesses around the world, including the wrestling industry. According to the publication, Hager’s current employer was lauded for taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions, only releasing a few individuals, and generally “keeping a lid on things”.

Months after the initial releases, WWE cut about 70 more workers in September, though unlike the first batch, no in-ring performers lost their jobs. Some of the released employees, however, were longtime backstage fixtures who had been with the company for well over a decade. This isn’t the first time that Jack Swagger has blasted WWE since he left the promotion after a 12-year stint.