Lillian Garcia Speaks About Returning to the WWE Family

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Lillian Garcia Speaks About Returning to the WWE Family

Lillian Garcia is one of the most recognized former WWE announcers of all time. She was also involved in some important WWE storylines in the past. Even though she is no longer part of WWE, she still runs her famous podcast called Chasing Glory.

In her podcast, she regularly invites noteworthy wrestlers and talks about various wrestling related stuff. Garcia will make her WWE return soon. Her podcast will now be part of the WWE Network. She spoke about it on WWE The Bump.

Lillian Garcia on Returning to WWE

"It's just awesome to be coming home," Garcia replied with a big smile on her face. "This has been a labor of love for me for three years now since I left WWE in 2016.

"To hear the incredible stories from the Superstars, and to humanize them, you know, to get their struggles and their journeys, people look at them as Superstars. To hear their stories and how they got through it, it really resonates with the fans.

Now, they can look at their lives and say, 'Wait, that's happening to me right now, so that means I can do it and I can hang on. This is a labor of love for me to spread positivity." Garcia stated that she wanted to start the podcast back in 2004.

She stated that she wanted to help people get through their struggles which they couldn’t do during that time. "So in 2004, that was when this idea came to me," she noted. " I was spending a lot of time in the locker room with the females, and [I heard] some of the stories they were talking about, like, things they had gone through, like, alcoholism or abuse.

I was like, 'wow, if people knew this, they might not give you such a hard time in your career; they might get to a point where they can identify with you, and pull for you.' Lillian Garcia also said, "In 2016, when I left, I was taking care of my dad, and I had a conversation with him.

He told me, 'Lil, you can't be just my caretaker; please, what ideas do you have?' I told him about this idea I had in 2004, and I told myself, 'ok, it must be time to do it.' He was actually able to watch it before he passed on Christmas Day.'