Lillian Garcia on Starting Her Podcast

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Lillian Garcia on Starting Her Podcast

Lillian Garcia, one of WWE’s most famous former announcers, will return to WWE soon. The podcast called ‘Chasing Glory’ will be broadcasted on the WWE Network. Garcia left WWE several years ago but remained famous through her podcast.

Lillian Garcia on Starting her Podcast

She spoke about her father on WWE The Bump. He was the one that encouraged her to start ‘Chasing Glory’. "In 2016, when I left, I was taking care of my dad, and I had a conversation with him.

He told me, 'Lil, you can't be just my caretaker; please, what ideas do you have?' I told him about this idea I had in 2004, and I told myself, 'ok, it must be time to do it.' He was actually able to watch it before he passed on Christmas Day.'

Garcia’s podcast mainly focuses on human interest stories. Her guests talk about their life behind the scenes and what inspired them to choose their outlook. These are things that wrestlers and entertainers usually do not speak about during most interviews.

Brie Bella and Mickie James spoke about their past on the podcast. They went through extremely difficult times before they joined WWE. "I feel like from my very first guest, Brie Bella, her talking about the struggles she went through to get to the WWE, she told me right after, 'I've never been asked these [sorts] of questions before in interviews.'

I was in awe with her journey," she admitted. "So I knew something special was there from the get-go. "But then Mickie James - man, in the first five minutes, she talks about how she was molested for many years in her life, and how she was tired of holding that in.

[After that segment] I knew there was something special here." She also spoke about the advice that Vince McMahon gave her which altered her life. She revealed that she still carries that advice. "One of the things I remember about Vince is him telling me not to take myself too seriously," Lillian Garcia recalled.

"I would be so into wanting to be perfect; if something didn't go right, I would beat myself up. I remember I was in the back and he came up to me - I didn't realize I messed up on something. When he told me about it, I started to tear up.

He told me, 'Hey Lil, relax. I just want to make you better, so I'm going to give you some advice.' That really did stick with me. I started taking things less personally."