Interesting note on awkward ending of Raw this week

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Interesting note on awkward ending of Raw this week

The last episode of Monday Night Raw had a surprising ending that left the WWE Universe both intrigued and amazed. In the Red Show Main Event, there was a verbal confrontation between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and challenger Randy Orton.

After a long debate with the two who were separated by the cage, the show ended with the Scottish Psychopath who managed to open the cage and thus joined his challenger. At this point, the red show was interrupted and everyone was left with bated breath for how the episode ended.

The public highlighted the conclusion of the segment on social media, stating that things were done in a hurry and perhaps without a total logical thread. The colleagues of the PWInsider editorial team talked about Vince McMahon's thinking and his idea about this segment.

Raw: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre has lost momentum

Here's Vince McMahon's thoughts on Monday Night Raw's twisted ending: "Last night's Monday Night Raw closing that saw WWE Champion Drew McIntyre enter the Hell in a Cell door and then close the segment went in wave just as it was imagined.

The WWE Universe believed that there was some delay or some problem with the Raw ending, but multiple sources have told us that we have seen what Vince McMahon approved." After two failed attempts the bookmakers believe this will be the right time for the Legend Killer Randy Orton to be able to conquer the title and therefore The Viper is the favorite for the victory in the match of Hell in a Cell.

This feud between Orton and Drew McIntyre has been going on for months: their first big meeting took place at SummerSlam while later the two competed in an Ambulance Match with the Scottish Psychopath who once again won the victory.

We’ll have to see how WWE books Hell In A Cell. Randy Orton was a betting favorite to win the WWE Title at Clash Of Champions Gold Rush, but that didn’t happen. The Viper has yet to become a betting favorite for his rematch against McIntyre at Hell In A Cell.

Throughout this feud, I’ve wondered if WWE have hit the “too much of a good thing” button. Orton and McIntyre have been two of the biggest highlights on Raw this year and were doing an awesome job to start the feud.

But instead of letting them do their thing and moving on or giving them space to breathe, WWE have gone to the well too many times. Having them interrupt a No. 1 Contender’s Women’s Battle Royal last week did not do them any favors either.