Note on the return of WWE Backstage

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Note on the return of WWE Backstage

WWE has announced that an event that fans of the discipline had gotten used to will be back on the Fox screens on Friday: WWE Backstage. The talk show that originally aired at the end of SmackDown will return to air in its traditional time slot.

At the moment it is not entirely clear if this reintroduction will really happen only once (as it would seem) or if it could be the dress rehearsal for a full-fledged revival of the show. Other certainties are those related to the guests present in the studio: Renee Young, as always in management, accompanied by the faithful Booker T and two semi-permanent guests like Paige and Christian.

No reference to the presence (or more likely the absence) of CM Punk.

WWE Backstage will be returning this Friday

The reason for the return of WWE Backstage is soon said: this Friday's episode of SmackDown (the last one before Hell in a Cell) will not be broadcast as always on Fox, but on FS1, a sports channel of lesser importance than the flagship network.

The reason is the concomitance with the World Series, of which Fox in America holds the rights and which, as already happened a year ago, caused the temporary "downgrade" of SmackDown. WWE's strategy is, therefore, to propose wrestling on Fox channels for the entire duration of baseball programming, in order to create a minimum of "counter-programming" (as well as an alternative to American sportsmen, perhaps not interested in the great MLB event).

Moreover, 'PWInsider' has discovered that the decision of Fox and FS1 to bring WWE Backstage back to their screens came at the very last moment. The initial project was in fact to broadcast an hour-long episode of Talking Smack.

Recall that WWE Backstage has not aired since March when it represented one of Fox's cuts linked to WWE and due to the health and subsequently economic emergency. In June, the news of the final cancellation arrived. Talking Smack on the other hand originally premiered after the return of Brand Extension in 2016.

It has been brought back recently and the show currently airs on Saturday mornings on the WWE Network. WWE has not confirmed the names who will be hosting the special episode of WWE Backstage this Friday and it would be interesting to see if they confirm the personalities for the episode beforehand.

WWE Backstage which debuted after SmackDown moved to Fox last year was cancelled this past June after the production of the show had been halted for some months due to coronavirus.