Bayley sets new record as longest...

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Bayley sets new record as longest...

The world of pro-wrestling, mainly that of WWE, just like all other types of sports, whether they are entertainment sports or real sports, contains within it, its history, since its origins, records that many are already certain will never be beaten, such as the reigning record of a world title, which will never be as long as that of Bruno Sammartino, who managed to hold the title of the then WWWF for well 2803 days and that is for over 7 years, a record that is truly impossible to beat in our days.

Apparently, however, some athletes of today, could create their own record in somewhat alternative ways, with one of the current McMahon champions, who has already indelibly written her name on several golden books of the company, thanks to his many reigns, both at NXT and on the main roster, we're talking about Bayley.

According to reports from Reddit's 2015 LSines, the Smackdown champion would be the woman in WWE with more reign days combined than anyone in the recent history of the federation.

Bayley has now entered the elite territory

After Fabulous Moolah, whose record is almost unattainable like that of Bruno Sammartino and probably, even more, Bayley is in fact the second to have held a title close to his sides for the longest time in the entire history of WWE.

If Fabulous Moolah has reached an extraordinary altitude of 10775 days or about 29 and a half years of kingdoms combined with a title at its side, Bayley has instead managed to arrive at a very large and very respectable share of 948 days.

Obviously, being the Smackdown champion, this count will continue until Bayley loses the Smackdown Women's Title, with the only athlete who for the moment can install the former NXT "hug", is the Japanese Asuka, who also shares a 938 and still with a belt at the hips that is continuing to raise her in the standings.

The second athlete in the standings, however, who momentarily has no belt to defend, is Charlotte Flair, who has remained stationary at 947 for the moment. However, you can see the list of all the athletes with a large number of reign days below, to get an idea of ​​what the history of women's wrestling has been from its inception to now in WWE.

Bayley has now entered the elite territory and her heel turn in 2019 and historic run as SmackDown Women's Champion has seen her have a career resurgence of sorts. Her reign is now in jeopardy as she steps inside Hell in a Cell for the first time this coming Sunday against Sasha Banks.