Huge push in store for Elias following move to WWE Raw

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Huge push in store for Elias following move to WWE Raw

With the latest Draft staged on WWE televisions, the McMahon federation has mixed up a lot of the cards on the table with its rosters, moving dozens of athletes from Raw to Smackdown and vice versa, with the roster of the red show that according to many fans of the WWE Universe would have grown and strengthened even more than before, with the federation having the best storylines and wrestlers right in the rings of its number one show par excellence.

Among the many athletes who have moved to the rings of Monday Night Raw, Elias also appears, who after returning hard attacking Jeff Hardy in the episode dedicated to the Draft, with his usual guitar smashed behind his back, so immediately started his re-entry feud, choosing Hardy as his next victim.

As revealed in the last few hours by the well-known site Inside The Ropes, Elias should soon receive a big push from the McMahon company, which should make him one of the busiest and most important Superstars of the entire roster of the red brand, with the release of his first musical album which is nothing more than a great help that the company is giving to the athlete to make him emerge better with his audience.

Update on Elias

On the overseas site, it is reported that: "We are told that the WWE management has immense confidence in Elias, as a performer, to be able to cover any time slot and to be able to deliver a fun performance at any time and with any athlete."

According to the reporters of the site, WWE is said to have full faith in the means of the Drifter, with some important executives who would like to make Elias one of the most important trademarks of Raw, now that the athlete has been drafted, with some characteristics of the boy.

with long beard and hair, which would remind them of a younger The Rock. We will see in the next PPV of the company, Hell in a Cell, how Elias' new adventure will start on the rings of the company's flag show. On RAW, however, they can go all out in both time and production allowing for elaborate and entertaining performances that can be used to fill any amount of time with no reservations.

In what is definitely a huge boost to Elias’ career, the report adds that not only are management confident he will deliver but also see him as one with the potential to break into the main event scene. This would explain Elias’ recent performance on WWE RAW with other musicians around him. The Drifter performed an entire song without being hindered or interrupted even once.