Chris Jericho receives zero royalties from WWE Network

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Chris Jericho receives zero royalties from WWE Network

The world of entertainment, which therefore also includes the world of pro-wrestling, revolves around TV rights or image rights, with several WWE wrestlers and other major companies in the world who manage to make a lot of money only with their own.

name or face, getting paid to become a testimonial of something or to stage some clothes or some objects that they then advertise to the general public. In WWE it is customary in fact to recognize a percentage of merchandising sales to the most important athletes, such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Roman Reigns and a few others, with the McMahons who share their income in a small part even with their own Superstars, when the latter become so famous that they allow themselves to change their existing contract with WWE.

Apparently, however, on the image rights of the matches played in the past, the former athletes of the Stamford company would not perceive anything, at least for the disputes held in the McMahon rings, which WWE broadcasts daily on its Network on demand.

with Chris Jericho who in fact made himself heard in the last episode of his podcast, Talk is Jericho, while he was talking to Andrew Yang, precisely about this matter. The topic of WWE "misclassifying" their athletes eventually came up, on the podcast.

It allowed the former WWE star to reveal that despite there being hundreds of his matches to watch behind a payment screen on the Network, he doesn't receive a penny in royalties.

Chris Jericho and the WWE Network

"In my opinion, this really does have to change, and this is no ill will towards the WWE.

It's just the way it is. You just said all of these things. The fact, even, that they can show all of my matches on their Network that people pay for and I don't get a dime of royalty, it makes no sense. It's not how normal business, normal entertainment [or] the normal world works."

Chris Jericho went on to reveal that he still gets royalties for a movie that he was part of a decade ago. With that in mind, he questioned the fairness of not receiving some kind of compensation along for his work the Network.

"Well, you do get royalties for that, whatever the percentage of that is, but what we're talking about that really gets to me, as I said, I did a movie called 'MacGruber' ten years ago. I was in it for two minutes.

I still get residual checks. They're not a lot. $20, $15 [or] $50, but I'm still getting residuals from being on that movie. Here I am with probably 100 matches on The Network and getting nothing. I don't see the fairness in that if that's the right word."