Reason why Triple H and Stephanie didn’t get executive director positions

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Reason why Triple H and Stephanie didn’t get executive director positions

In recent months, in WWE, there have been several revolutions, first of all, the drastic change made by Vince McMahon behind the scenes of both of the company's flagship shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with the role of leader of the creative team that was previously entrusted to Paul Heyman on the side of the red show and in the hands of a disheartened Eric Bischoff the fate of the blue one.

Although Bischoff remained in the saddle for a very short time and despite the fact that in that very short time he was unable to do practically anything concrete, as regards Paul Heyman, however, the work of the Mad Genius was very important for several Raw athletes, with the WWE Chairman who has in fact repeatedly thanked the manager of Roman Reigns for helping several of his Superstars to emerge with the general public.

According to Fightful Select, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon weren’t given Executive Director roles for different reasons. They might not have wanted them. A question that many fans and insiders have asked themselves several times and which have never been answered until now was why the Chairman's daughter, Stephanie McMahon and the daughter of the Chairman, Stephanie McMahon and her husband, COO Triple H.

Reason why Triple H and Stephanie didn’t get executive director positions

Although the two have now been completely rooted in the family federation for years, with Stephanie taking care of representing WWE at every convention and every big event, as far as her husband is concerned, the main occupation remains that of NXT, with the Triple that has done an unimaginable job, managing to raise the level of the third brand of the federation to make it the product we know today.

According to the well-known site Fightful, however, the solution to this puzzle would also be very easy. As reported in one of the latest news, apparently Stephanie would not have the slightest intention of joining the creative team of the company, with the Chairman's daughter who would have refused several times to hold the position of Executive Director, while instead, for the husband, the situation would be a little different.

If Triple H had wanted, in fact, the job would certainly have been his, reveal the Fightful journalists, so it would seem that even in this case, the no would have come from Hunter himself and not from the Chairman. We will see, however, if once Vince McMahon has slipped away, husband and wife will take the reins of the entire company or if the Stamford federation will opt for a new solution, perhaps more suited to a great company like WWE.