Aalyah Mysterio's current WWE contract situation revealed

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Aalyah Mysterio's current WWE contract situation revealed

In the course of the feud against Seth Rollins, WWE also brought Aalyah Mysterio into a fight that also involved Rey Mysterio and her brother Dominick. In general, the plot involving Aalyah and Murphy is intriguing the WWE Universe for several reasons.

WWE may represent a new opportunity for Rey Mysterio's daughter, but it doesn't yet represent a full-time career. A while ago an update came out that talked about a Vince McMahon excited about Aalyah Mysterio's work and that it wouldn't be a surprise if WWE offered the young girl a full-time contract.

This contract would only come to Aalyah once she is out of school for good.

Aalyah Mysterio not signing a full-time contract

According to reports from the editors of Ringside News at the moment, however, there are no such plans and that is to have the girl sign a full-time contract.

It will continue with an agreement of apparitions. The girl is in college and as reported by a prominent member of creativity at WWE, her contract is only a part-time one. Furthermore, WWE has not yet registered a trademark on Aalyah's name unlike the one with Dominik as they used multiple spellings to register Dominik Mysterio's name.

Fans continue to be interested in the girl and what will happen in her relationship with Buddy Murphy, but at the moment WWE has no plans to sign the girl on a full-time contract. In recent weeks, the background that has highlighted the particular relationship between Aalyah Mysterio and Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins has flaunted everything to the rooftops sending everyone involved into a rage.

Now, most of the parties in question have moved during WWE Draft to Friday Night Smackdown and there is a lot of curiosity about how the federation and all the characters involved will handle this situation. The feud between the now Friday Night Messiah and Rey Mysterio has been going on for months and week after week as WWE adds new spice to the situation by bringing new elements among other things.

Ringside News has learned that there are currently no plans to sign Aalyah Mysterio to a full-time WWE contract. She will continue on a per-appearance deal for the time being. A member of the creative team with close knowledge of the situation told us that Aalyah is in college.

At this time her deal is only part-time, but that isn’t to say things can’t change down the line. WWE hasn’t registered a trademark on Aalyah’s name yet either. They registered multiple ones for Dominik Mysterio so far with different spellings.

For the time being, Aalyah Mysterio will continue on WWE television when she is needed, but the company isn’t locking her into a contract as they did with her father and brother.