Seth Rollins on His Comeback and Roman Reigns Heel Turn

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Seth Rollins on His Comeback and Roman Reigns Heel Turn

Seth Rollins is a former WWE Champion and is one of the highest-rated professional wrestlers in the world. He has fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers and has won numerous titles since he debuted more than 5 years ago.

Rollins recently spoke about his comeback from a big injury that he suffered nearly 5 years ago. He was the WWE champion at the time of the injury and had to relinquish his title. He spoke about his journey since making his huge comeback.

Seth Rollins on His Comeback From Injury

"You know, it was a rough road; the comeback, the rehab, it was [hard] finding my place in WWE after that because you didn't know how you were going to fit it, or how you were going to perform," Rollins admits when looking back on his knee injury.

"Once I got the wheels rolling, I felt like I was starting to make significant strides. "The last few years have been good for me, both from a performance perspective and from a mental perspective. It was good to step away for a little bit.

But, you don't want to do that when you're at the top - I was the World Champion at the time. It's a scary proposition, but in the long run, it made me appreciate things a little bit more, and it also gave me a different perspective on how I approach with WWE and as a WWE Superstar."

Seth Rollin sis a former member of The Shield which was a popular heel group in WWE. It consisted of Seth Rolins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is now Jon Moxley and he currently works for All Elite Wrestling.

Being a member of The Shield definitely put Rollins in the limelight. After the group parted ways, Rollins became a very successful solo wrestler along with Roman Reigns. However, Reigns became a very famous babyface. Reigns has recently turned heel.

Seth Rollins believes that we are now seeing the true side of Roman Reigns. "For anyone who knows Roman Reigns for as long as I have, you're going to know this isn't new," Seth Rollins noted. "Roman had to struggle for a long time to kind of closet this side of him.

He is an alpha and he sees himself in this light and in this way. He's kind of just got a different lease on the situation, You're seeing the true Roman Reigns right now. Obviously, physically, he took his time off seriously, he's in the best shape that he's ever been in.

His in-ring performances have followed suit. I say kudos to Roman Reigns for finally taking the bull by the horns, instead of riding the bull."