Peyton Royce on being on TV without Billie Kay

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Peyton Royce on being on TV without Billie Kay

At the end of September we all witnessed, after an adventure of several years, the breakup of the IIconics with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay who broke their partnership after a long process. It all started from a Tag Team match against Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan and the losing team had to come to an end.

From the very beginning, WWE's plan to disband the IIconics and push Peyton Royce as a single superstar was clear. For some months we have seen this new process for her with Royce who is facing this adventure with a new theme and the wrestler is trying this new situation.

Peyton Royce on being on TV without Billie Kay

On the microphones of Kayla Braxton, the wrestler spoke to The Braxton Beat talking about her recent separation and how she still feels: "It will take me some time to get used to this new situation and find the support point to work in a single career.

It's all very strange, even the fact that she now works on SmackDown and I'm on Monday Night Raw. I had never attended shows without her and I must say that she kept me as a safety blanket and now I will not have it anymore and I have to get used to this situation."

Then the wrestler continued: "The singles division is totally different from that of the female Tag Team. I know it is the same for men too, but it's really different." There is a lot of curiosity to understand how the situation will evolve on Monday Night Raw by Peyton Royce and by now the girl must totally isolate herself from her past period as a member of the IIconics.

But none of us would be surprised if one day this wrestler could compete for the title of champion or maybe become WWE champion directly. As for her singles career, Peyton Royce is going after the RAW Women’s Championship next.

The title is currently held by Asuka, and she is eyeing The Empress of Tomorrow to become the next Champion. “I mean, Asuka has got a target on her back. She’s got the gold and she’s got what I want. So yeah, immediately I want to go off to Asuka.

Our division is stacked. We have such a strong women’s division on RAW and I’m very excited to be a part of it because it’s just going to make me step up my game and I’m excited about the challenges”.

On her first night on the Red brand, Royce teamed up with Lacey Evans for a 4-Way tag team match. It was won by the Women’s tag team Champs, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Royce and Billie Kay have always been on the same brand till date, and almost never appeared on TV without each other.