Who else was originally in WWE's New Day faction?

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Who else was originally in WWE's New Day faction?

One of the most sensational news to arrive with the 2020 Draft was undoubtedly the New Day split, with the three black athletes of Smackdown who have in fact been separated after six years of work together, with Big E who is left alone on the ring of Smackdown and the new Raw couple champions who have instead landed on the red roster of the Stamford company.

Although the Heavy Machinery couple has also been separated, Otis and Tucker have still found a way to fight together in the Raw rings with a nice ruse, apparently, the New Day will remain for the moment only the couple formed by Xavier Woods and Kofi Kington, with the massive Big E who will instead embark on a solo journey to the Smackdown rings.

Who else was originally in WWE's New Day faction?

Apparently, according to what was revealed by Big E himself in his latest interview with the microphones of After The Bell, a secondary program of the WWE conducted by Corey Graves, the promo carried out by the three boys in that of Friday Night Smackdown of the last episode of the show blue, it would have been totally designed by them, with real words that would truly come out of the heart as a greeting and tribute to the fans and the melting stable.

Continuing to talk about New Day, however, Big E also revealed that in the past there have been several ideas to increase the number of participants in the stable, with E affirming: "When we started, the goal was to be a faction.

I'm not saying that we didn't want to be forced into a tag team or that the three of us were not happy. I am absolutely grateful for what we have had, but we have always left the door open to our faction. Kofi had a single run and Woods instead did things in pairs.

After the start of the New Day, however, I wanted something more. Looking back, I remember that Alicia Fox had been taken into consideration to enter the stable because we liked her and she did that whimsical thing at the time that was wonderful.

That was the time we had the most desire to increase New Day members. Another idea was Sandow's. We never talked to him about it, but it was sure to be another great addition. The idea was precisely that we were a group, which kept recruiting people. We thought it could be really fun."