What one WWE Hell In A Cell moment terrified Drew McIntyre?

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What one WWE Hell In A Cell moment terrified Drew McIntyre?

For the first time in his career WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will face off in the next few days in a match in a cage and Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View will once again take on Legend Killer Randy Orton. The Scottish Psychopath has certainly done a good job over the course of his reign and whether he wins or not, we can say his adventure with the title will be memorable.

During Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM, Drew McIntyre talked about both his minimal experience in the cage and his adventure as a champion.

What one WWE Hell In A Cell moment terrified Drew McIntyre?

The WWE champion of Monday Night Raw made the following statements: "It's my first Hell in A Cell match.

The only time I've been close to la is when me, Dolph, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins intervened in the match between Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns. Recourse that Dean and I climbed to the top while Brock Lesnar also intervened who totally destroyed Braun Strowman and The Big Dog.

I remember Dean told me to stay still that in this way Brock could see us." The Scottish Psychopath returned to two years ago when he climbed to the top of the structure in the cage. McIntyre made it clear that he was truly terrified of the experience: “That was the only time I was around a cage and stepped on it.

It's a terrifying thing to get up there, but it's a kind of meeting I've wanted to have since I was a kid. Then going down is the scariest part, in the end, you get on it in one way or another. When I had my feet on top I felt my toes as if I could fall at any moment."

Some signs seem to indicate that Randy Orton will win the title on Sunday, primarily the fact that a new great feud between Randy Orton and Edge and it would be even more interesting to see them against in a feud with the title at stake.

Drew McIntyre said his "big-ass feet" made it difficult to climb the thing in the first place (even with WWE's handy foot holes), but he described coming back down as even scarier. McIntyre remembers holding on for dear life as his legs dangled awkwardly over the edge and he tried desperately to find one of those aforementioned holes.

He couldn't. So, like he had done on the way up, Drew used his hands more than his feet and thought about what'd happen if he fell. Not only would that hurt, but it'd also steal some attention away from Brock Lesnar's main event run in. McIntyre said he "felt like [his] fingers would fall off" after he was safely back on solid ground.