*Spoiler* All results of WWE Friday Night SmackDown

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*Spoiler* All results of WWE Friday Night SmackDown

A small summary of what happened in the WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX episode of 23/10/2020 held at WWE Thunderdome (Amway Center) in Orlando, FL

- In the WWE Thunderdome (Amway Center) there are fans connected via webcam who act as an audience like in the NBA with their supporters.

- The show opens with the Kevin Owens Show.

Owens introduces his guest, one of the best in the world, Daniel Bryan tonight!

Bryan sits across from Owens and they acknowledge that they hit each other senseless, but Bryan says that's what grownups do: elevate each other.

Owens asks what Bryan wants from SmackDown's future. Bryan says SmackDown has the best young talent in the world and wants to see who's next. And on a personal level, he thinks a title defended every single week would be great for everyone.

And he wants it to be the Intercontinental title.
Owens says he's happy to hear him because he wanted to talk to him specifically about titles. Owens says he has never been a Tag Team Champion. Bryan says it's because Owens cheated on so many people.

Owens thinks they should team up as Team Hell KO, but Bryan isn't very keen on the idea. Ziggler and Roode come out saying that if any tag team deserves a shot it's them, then Cesaro and Nakamura come out, as well as Street Profits.

All eight men start arguing.

8 Men Tag Team Match:
Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan & Street Profits beat Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

- Segment of the Law & Otis starring Otis, The Miz & John Morrison.

Women's Match:
Bianca Belair beats Zelina Vega

Single Match:
Lars Sullivan beats Shorty G

- Backstage Shorty G tells Adam Pearce that he is tired of being called that and from now on he wants to return as Chad Gable.

- Bayley's promo on last week's events against "Boss" Sasha Banks ahead of Hell in a Cell.

Single Match:
Seth Rollins beats Murphy

- At the end of the match Rollins attacks Murphy with a Kendo Stick, to save the "Disciple" first Aliyah or Rey Mysterio's daughter takes care of it and then Dominik and Rey.

- Roman Reigns makes his entrance alongside Paul Heyman.

Before he can speak, we see Jey Uso in his VIP suite wearing a mask. Jey says it must be great to be the chieftain, and it was great to be the chief's cousin. Now Roman has his head so high that he is in another dimension.

The mask comes off and it is actually Jimmy and tells Roman that Jey is behind him. Roman turns into Jey's punch and Uso grabs a steel chair. Roman hits him but Jey fires back with a superkick, then heads up and hits the Use splash!

Jey leaves the ring, excited and Jimmy joins him on stage. Roman stands up angry and asks for the microphone.
Roman says they are just games, but they don't understand. If Jey makes him quit, he is no longer the champion, not the WWE face or the head of the table.

He will no longer be the supplier or the boss. If Jey gives up, he can live with it, but can Jey? When he stops Jey, he'll get in line, recognize him, and respect everything he does. If he can't, they're both out of the family.

Their wives and children, all expelled from the tribe. These are the consequences. Roman poses with the title a the Hell In A Cell crouches around him, and Jey climbs halfway to stare.