Brock Lesnar appears to have sgned a contract with a rival company

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Brock Lesnar appears to have sgned a contract with a rival company

In the latest period of the pandemic, many WWE superstars have been absent from the screens of the federation, with several leading names that have in fact made fans miss them, such as Roman Reigns (returned to Summerslam after months spent at home), Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar.

As for the latter name, the reason why The Beast would have moved away from the McMahon TV screens would lie in the fact that the contract that tied the former WWE Champion to the Stamford company rings, would have expired a few weeks ago, with both the parties who would have voluntarily avoided renewing the deal, with Lesnar preferring not to work at such a sensitive time for the world and WWE not wanting to waste any appearance of the Beast on a show with no audience, therefore.

renewal for another period.

Brock Lesnar appears to have signed a contract with a rival company

According to what reported by the Wrestling Observer, however, through one of the latest newsletters of the well-known journalists of the site, Brock Lesnar would result in the list of playable athletes of a new EA Sports video game, which, however, would have nothing to do with WWE or McMahon.

In fact, according to the Observer: "Brock Lesnar has been added to the names of the new EA Sports UFC 4 game, which means he must have signed a new deal with the UFC or EA for the game." Obviously, before inserting any wrestler/fighter into a video game, the game manufacturer must first sign an agreement with the person concerned, which WWE or 2K also does before they can program anything, with the UFC or more likely the EA Sports who must therefore have signed an agreement to pay the fighter's image rights.

At the moment, it is not known whether Lesnar has also signed an agreement to appear on the UFC octagons, with Dana White who in the past few weeks would have explained several times that she is happy to bring the WWE beast back to her rings, should Lesnar want to maybe in a match against Daniel Cormier, who has also threatened Roman Reigns, now alongside Paul Heyman.

As the Sportskeeda article documented, Jon Jones has expressed his interest in a fight with Lesnar. “The Beast Incarnate” responded to the prizefighter by telling him to be careful what he wishes for, as it might just happen.

However, Brock Lesnar might also be adding fire to the UFC rumors in order to start a bidding war for his services. As The Inquisitr noted, the former Universal Champion reportedly knows that Vince McMahon will match any offer he receives from rival promotions, which is why he’s content to let the opposing sides compete for his signature for the time being.