Vince McMahon removes item from WWE's banned moves list

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Vince McMahon removes item from WWE's banned moves list

In recent WWE history, there have been several instances of wrestler moves and maneuvers that were literally banned from the company's rings, such as the Piledriver, the Curb Stomp, (which for a time was replaced by the Pedigree as the finishing move.

by Seth Rollins) or the famous Buckle Bomb, used by the architect of the Shield, who unfortunately forced Sting to retire, after being injured with the wrong execution of the move. After seeing Kairi Sane also fall victim to the corner move by Nia Jax, Vince McMahon and associates would have decided to ban this maneuver, which had been spotted as a dangerous move since 2015, with the Powerbomb on the corner of the ring.

which for several months has not appeared on any show of the company, with the list of maneuvers not allowed to the wrestlers of the federation that has been so lengthened once again. Apparently, however, Vince McMahon seems to have changed his mind in the last period, with the maneuver previously banned after the incident between Kairi Sane and Nia Jax, who is said to have returned in the match between Seth Rollins and Murphy, which aired in the last episode of the blue show.

Vince McMahon removes an item from WWE's banned moves list

As seen during the dispute, in fact, the former Monday Night Messiah would have used the Powerbomb against the stake of the ring as an offense to his opponent, with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer who would have therefore hypothesized a new approval on the maneuver by Vince McMahon himself.

If this move had not been authorized, in fact, WWE could have fined the former Universal Champion, as happened in the past with CM Punk, who performed a Piledriver on John Cena without permission in the Raw rings or with Triple H and The Undertaker , who hit each other with a chair on the head in one of their Wrestlemania matches, despite the fact that in WWE there is now a complete ban on using the steel chair in that way, due to the frequent concussions received after such attacks.

As hypothesized by Meltzer, therefore, for the moment it would seem that only Rollins has been authorized by the management to be able to reuse the maneuver, with the other talents who for the moment remain to watch. Kairi Sane was most recently injured by Nia Jax when a bucklebomb spot went wrong.

Seth Rollins also famously ended Sting’s career with that very move as well. Now the move is back, but it might not be a good idea to expect it on a very frequent basis.