Drew McIntyre discusses the biggest lessons he learned

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Drew McIntyre discusses the biggest lessons he learned

On September 27, at Clash of Champions, Drew McIntyre successfully defended the title against Randy Orton in an Ambulance match. In the episode of Raw on September 28, McIntyre defended the title against the returning Robert Roode in an Open Challenge.

In the October 5 episode of Raw, McIntyre and the Raw Tag Team Champions, Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford), were defeated by Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and Robert Roode, in which McIntyre suffered his first pinfall loss since is WWE champion.

In a recent interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Drew McIntyre discussed the biggest lessons he learned working on the indies before his WWE return.

Drew McIntyre on the biggest lessons he learned

“A lot of it was such a surprise.

Just the things we were able to achieve were such surprises. It was an incredible growth period for wrestling outside of WWE. I was fortunate of the company leading the charge, but I guess that was the most surprising part. When I returned to the UK with ICW and multiple promotions there, or EVOLVE in America, or different companies across the world – the way people looked up to me as a leader and you see in the documentary, you hear me talk about I was really not confident at the time where I was at in my career, I hadn’t done anything serious in a few years and hadn’t really had much ring time and wasn’t really feeling so sure about myself" - Drew McIntyre said.

“But everyone coming up to me and looking up to me – that surprised me I guess, and it motivated me to be better and finally step up and become that leader so many people believed I could be and to become that superstar so many people believed I could be.

And as much as they looked up to me, I kept the face on and kind of faked it until I grew into that role. If it wasn’t for so many others around me supporting and believing in me, I wouldn’t have stepped up, and as much as they thanked me for being a leader, realistically, the incredible growth period in wrestling outside WWE was all done side by side, not by anyone leading the charge.

But I was very surprised when everyone came to be and looked to me as ‘Drew, you’re the one that’s gonna take us to the next level.’ That really helped me and motivated me to become the guy I am today" - he added.