Shorty G gets renamed on WWE SmackDown

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Shorty G gets renamed on WWE SmackDown

As you will have abundantly seen during the last episode of the WWE's Friday night blue TV show, Friday Night SmackDown, Shorty G has decided to go back to basics by renouncing his new gimmick and his new name, which he was given by King Corbin during their feud in the ring of the blue show a few months ago.

After taking yet another blow against Lars Sullivan, with Smackdown's monster heel squashing the little athlete of the WWE blue brand in seconds, Shorty G first uttered the words "I Quit" to the company's microphones and then explained everything in a promo held backstage, where he promised to have definitively abandoned the character of Shorty G, to return to the origins instead, returning to simply Chad Gable.

Shorty G gets renamed on WWE SmackDown

Obviously, although the answer to the question asked above is obvious and therefore responds to the name of Vince McMahon, there are several backgrounds that talk about the change of name and gimmick of Shorty G, with the athlete who was, in fact, expected for this change by now.

for several months and with the WWE who has waited so long for the Chairman, who would seem not to be so convinced by the skills of the Smackdown fighter. As revealed a few hours ago by the well-known overseas site Wrestling News, WWE would have foreseen the change of name and gimmick for Gable as of July, with the wrestler who, however, saw this change only at the end of October.

As reported by the official pages of the well-known industry site, in fact: "There were plans to have Gable quit his gimmick in the past that run until July, but those plans have always been postponed for different reasons.

Gable has always insisted on returning to the name change but we are told that several other people behind the scenes have always pushed with WWE to do a lot more with him and Daniel Bryan has been identified as Gable's biggest supporter in the backstage"

Apparently, Jason Jordan's former tag team partner would have several backstage supporters in the WWE, with the only unknown being Vince McMahon, who would not appreciate small stature athletes as much, as is now known, with the future of Gable that therefore remains in the balance at Smackdown, with a change of gimmick that will try to make people understand once and for all what the fighter is made of.

After losing to Lars Sullivan on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown, 'Shorty' cut a frustrated promo backstage and revealed he was reverting to his old name. Chad Gable is back, folks, and it's about damn time.