Daniel Bryan announces disheartening news for WWE fans

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Daniel Bryan announces disheartening news for WWE fans

After being absent from the WWE rings for a few years, due to a very delicate injury that seemed to have put an end to Daniel Bryan's entire wrestling career, the actor much loved by the WWE Universe audience was back only two years.

makes to tread the rings of McMahon, in the general emotion arising from the news, with the fans who had always clamored for his return to the McMahon square from that famous farewell speech a few years earlier. Apparently, however, the stint that Daniel Bryan is having as WWE Superstar will soon undergo a considerable change, with the same fighter who has decided to admit in the last episode of Talking Smack that aired a few hours ago, after the weekly episode of Friday Night Smackdown, that this will be his last full-time Superstar run and that therefore the fighter could soon become one of the famous WWE part-timers.

Daniel Bryan had a meteoric rise to prominence

As admitted by the former world champion of the Stamford company, in the last period the same athlete would have had several problems to keep up with his colleagues, feeling the difference considerably with the past years, showing evident physical limits in his matches, with the comparison with AJ Styles (a few years older than him but still offering excellent performances in the ring), who immediately sounded a wake-up call in the heads of the former American Dragon and in that of his fans.

Microphone in hand, during Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan then wanted to communicate to his fans that this one he is having and which will last until the fall of 2021, will be his last full-time Superstar run of WWE, with the new agreement that Bryan will probably sign with the McMahon company which will therefore be a part-time deal, with the wrestler who doesn't feel like fighting every week in the federation rings.

As reported literally by Bryan's words, in fact: "I didn't say anything about this but it's in my head, this will be my last run. My last full-time Superstar run. Not really a scoop. I think you felt it too for how I approach things, in the way and in the mentality in which I have always done, looking forward and seeing younger people who try this kind of thing."

After becoming a multi-time world champion, Daniel Bryan was forced to retire in 2016. He cited concussions and post-concussion seizures as the main reason. However, he served as SmackDown’s General manager and teamed up with Shane McMahon to run the brand.

After more than two years of evaluations, reviews of his medical history, neurological and physical evaluations, Bryan was cleared by three external independent neurosurgeons, neurologists, concussion experts, and WWE’s medical head to return to WWE in-ring competition in 2018.