*Spoiler* Randy Orton becomes WWE World Champion for the record 14th time

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton becomes WWE World Champion for the record 14th time

After a very long feud lasting months, it seems that after Hell in a Cell, the challenge between the Legend Killer and Brock Lesnar's destroyer at Wrestlemania can be considered concluded, with the latest victory of Hell in a Cell which has opened a new chapter on WWE TV screens, after a brutal match inside the infernal cage that could have written the end of the feud between the two Monday Night Raw Top Superstars.

In the match that ended the Pay-Per-View(PPV), it was Randy Orton who got the better of it, who thanks to his RKO ended the contest, becoming WWE world champion for the fourteenth time, for the happiness of his fans and for the disbelief of the Scottish supporters.

After a truly no-holds-barred main event, with the two wrestlers giving themselves to each other in every part of the cage, both below and above, Randy Orton finally stopped the champion's sprint moment, avoiding a hard-hitting Claymore Kick that would have marked the defeat of the Viper, managing to attack the Scot with a resounding RKO that instead gave him the number 14 belt, which thus leads him to challenge the number of kingdoms won by Triple H in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) rings.

Randy Orton comes out of the cage with the WWE title on his side

During the main event that closed the fantastic evening of Hell in a Cell, there are several screaming moments of the match, such as when the defending champion was thrown from the middle of the cage wall on the comment table, making a flight of some meters that has been seen several times in Hell in a Cell match, but that is always scary.

This concludes the long reign started by Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania 36, ​​where the Scotsman defeated the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, in a few minutes, thus graduating world champion for the first time in his career as a wrestler in WWE, after leaving and back in better shape than ever from the rings of several independent companies.

The WWE commemorated Randy Orton's win with a series of tweets. One tweet was, "For the 14TH TIME ... @RandyOrton is your #WWEChampion! #HIAC" while the other said, "
He wanted what he got. He got what he wanted.

#HIAC @RandyOrton" Thus the evening was started with Roman Reigns winning against Jey USO for the Universal championship while the night ended with Orton's title run. All in all, it was quite a successful event for the federation that is operated out of Stamford.