*Spoiler* Update on Roman Reigns' future

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*Spoiler* Update on Roman Reigns' future

During the night, Hell in a Cell Pay Per View was staged and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns confirmed his title by beating Jey Uso. The meeting saw the Big Dog dominate the event for long stretches and only on a few occasions did we see a reaction from the challenger.

In a meeting that did not, therefore, see sensational surprises and that confirmed the recent domination of this new version of Roman Reigns at Friday Night Smackdown. At the end of the match Reigns was back on the ramp with WWE Hall of Famers Sika and Afa, respectively father and uncle of the WWE Universal Champion while the Usos stared at the champion from the ring with Jey looking battered and quite confused.

Roman Reigns' win; possibility of WWE returning to the pre-2019 model

After the victory now we start talking about what will happen in the world of Roman Reigns with interesting prospects for the wrestler and his adviser Paul Heyman.

According to a report by well-known colleague Paul Davis, the Usos eventually understood Roman's power and from now on they will defer to Reigns because he is the head of the family. According to Wrestlingnews.co, the storyline predicts that at least initially the Usos will start reluctant to join The Tribal Chief, but will eventually understand and decide to join the WWE Universal Champion.

By now the goal of Vince McMahon and of the whole WWE is to elevate Roman Reigns to a true superstar of the federation, a star that may not have been seen since the days of John Cena and The Rock. Several stars and stripes sources speak of a great future from Heel for Roman Reigns.

The change from Babyface to "bad" has certainly changed the champion's career and now Reigns is probably at the biggest turning point in WWE's career. The federation itself and Vince McMahon are aware of the margins of this choice and there are several possibilities that Roman Reigns will remain a Top Heel for the next few months.

Already now alone and with only verbal help from Paul Heyman, the wrestler looks devastating, everyone in the WWE Universe wonders what the WWE Universal Champion will be like with a Stable to rule the Smackdown roster. If WWE returns to their previous model of Raw vs.

SmackDown from before 2019, it is possible that Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre will get inside the ring in a battle for brand supremacy and respect. If this model returns, then the WWE Universe might get to witness two other matches as well.

One will be WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn against WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Next, the match between WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits.