Booker T reveals a specific reason why Matt Riddle may not win a world title

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Booker T reveals a specific reason why Matt Riddle may not win a world title

After making a sensational landing on the main roster rings, on the side of Smackdown, beating none other than the then reigning Intercontinental champion, AJ Styles, the former NXT fighter now passed thanks to the Draft on the Monday Night Raw rings, Matt Riddle seems to have a great future ahead of him in the McMahon-owned rings, despite the fact that there are still several executives and several insiders within the backstage of the company who would not be very fond of.

After having an ugly face to face with former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in the backstage of the Royal Rumble, Matt Riddle seems to have attracted a fairly large shitstorm, with constant provocations and constant insults towards colleagues who they seem to have taken the wrestler out of the upper floors of the company cards, or at least away from the main event.

In the latest installment of his podcast, the Hall of Fame Podcast, former WCW and WWE World Champion Booker T had his say on the Raw boy's future in the company. The former WCW and WWE World Champion said that Matt Riddle not wearing boots was the first thing he noticed about him.

Booker T on why Matt Riddle may not be a success in WWE

He said that to compete and win world titles, Superstars need to have a "certain look" which Riddle may not have if he wrestles barefoot. "Not taking anything away from Matt Riddle, that (not wearing boots) was the first thing I noticed about him.

I know flipping them off was cool and how WWE captured it in slow motion. That’s fine but I think about so much when it goes into being the wrestling heavyweight champion. Let’s think about it for one second. There’s a protocol there.

How many world heavyweight champions have we had that were bare feet? How many bare feet wrestlers were greater than Superfly Jimmy Snuka? If you’re trying to get to the heavyweight championship or the Universal championship, there has always been a certain look that you have to have."

Booker T said that he made this assessment from a pro wrestling promoter's point of view and how he looks at the wrestling business. Apparently, according to the historic WWE Hall of Famer, who has grabbed six world titles in the WWE and WCW rings over the course of his career, the look would be essential to make a wrestler breakthrough in the main events of the number one company at the world, with Matt Riddle who because of his bare feet will never be able to get the maximum laurel of the McMahon company, at least as long as he continues to fight like this.