Jeff Hardy reveals the five Superstars he wants to face in WWE

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Jeff Hardy reveals the five Superstars he wants to face in WWE

When we talk about Jeff Hardy we are certainly dealing with one of the most important superstars in WWE history, particularly in the Tag Team category. Over the course of his career in the Stamford-located federation, Jeff Hardy has won three world titles, two heavyweight titles and one WWE Championship title.

Since his return to WWE Jeff has never been in contention for the title except for a small opportunity he had last year at Elimination Chambers. Recently arrived on Monday Night Raw via the Draft, the wrestler spoke of his desire to win the WWE title again.

Jeff Hardy reveals the five Superstars he wants to face in WWE

Jeff Hardy spoke to TV Insider where he delved into numerous topics. He said that his next goal is to be a WWE Champion or Universal Champion, and named five Superstars he wants to face: "I’ve already set a goal to be the WWE champion again or Universal champion before it’s all said and done.

It’s exciting to think about the people I haven’t worked with yet and can work with now. You have Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston and Big E. The list goes on and on. Kevin Owens. There is so much potential for me in the next few years.

Hopefully, I can continue on for five or even 10 more years. Time will tell. There is so much exciting stuff to possibly happen in WWE. That’s why I’m here." Jeff Hardy recently talked about what to do after his retirement: "I hope that by the time I can no longer fight there is a place for me in WWE creativity because I love professional wrestling and am interested in everything going on around.

Although I have to say now I don't think about retiring from wrestling. In general, I would like to come up with unique and interesting ideas for creativity to structure a show or a storyline. One thing that doesn't particularly intrigue me is the training of other professional wrestlers and it is something I would like to do just in case my daughters want to fight one day."

WWE’s decision to introduce Jeff Hardy’s battle with addiction into his storyline has been met with mixed reactions. Starting in May, Hardy’s entire program with Sheamus was built around his struggles with alcoholism, ending in Hardy’s favor following a Bar Fight in July on SmackDown.

“For me, admitting on TV that I’m an alcoholic has been empowering,” said Hardy. “It helps me remind myself of how bad it can be if I go back to that way of life. I am blessed to do this, and I want to help people that have struggled like me.

I hope I can be an example for people going through recovery”. Wrestling fans have witnessed the rise and fall, along with triumphs and stumbles, throughout Hardy’s 28-year career. Hardy now looks to regain an elite position in WWE, and he revealed the list of upcoming goals he hopes to achieve.