Latest update on the future of the WWE ThunderDome

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Latest update on the future of the WWE ThunderDome

After much praising the new creation by WWE, or its long-awaited ThunderDome, built inside the Amway Center in Orlando to overcome the problem of the lack of live audience by the Stamford company, it now seems that the creation of McMahon must move from the venue where it was born, just a few months after it was mounted in the Orlando Magic arena.

With the contract with the Amway Center now expected to expire on December 1st, WWE has only a little over a month to find a new venue from which to broadcast the company's main shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, including the various monthly PPVs that until now had been broadcast from the ThunderDome in Orlando, just like the weekly tapings.

Update on the WWE ThunderDome

Although WWE is willing to stay in the state of Florida, it is still very likely that the entire federation crew will be able to move to another state, depending on the availability of the various arenas where WWE has already been, to rent.

in the long run its own space, for a ThunderDome that takes away not only a lot of space but also a lot of time, energy and money to be assembled. According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known Wrestle Votes site, in fact: "ThunderDome Updates: Some sources report WWE will be leaving the Amway Center by December 1st.

Arenas in North Carolina, Texas and Illinois will be considered over the weekend. WWE needs to find a place where there are NO teams training + that is capable of accommodating a large number of heavy equipment for stage construction.

An entirely new arena would be preferable as the weight of the ThunderDome is not as recommended with older buildings. Plus, if the arena were in a convenient travel hub, it would help various athletes fly in and out of state to get to the building whenever there is a show to record.

It doesn't seem like such an easy combination to find after all." Apparently the WWE is said to have a bigger problem to deal with now, with the Orlando ThunderDome only usable for a few more weeks, before it is disassembled and moved to a location yet to be determined, with a huge amount of work by the production, which it will employ several hundred people to do internships, lights and more.

WWE also needs an arena which doesn’t have a sports team, as the structure cannot be taken down/put back up constantly. So it appears the company is looking to continue using the WWE ThunderDome, but in a slightly new environment.

It was also noted that a new arena is preferred as the structure won’t work in older buildings. Plus, WWE needs a major travel hub for talent to fly in and out of easy, adding a large combination of factors to the situation.