Shayna Baszler on her relationship with Nia Jax

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Shayna Baszler on her relationship with Nia Jax

Shayna Baszler was coached by former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett and is known for her friendship with former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (who, along with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, form the Four Horsewomen).

He boasts a record of fifteen wins (including fourteen by submission) and eleven defeats achieved in various federations including EliteXC, Strikeforce and UFC, for which he also participated in the reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

Starting from 2015 she also entered the world of professional wrestling starting in the independent territory and then reaching WWE, where she once held the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship (with Nia Jax) and twice the NXT Women's Championship, when she was in the NXT development territory.

Baszler is currently riding with Nia Jax as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and she discussed their dynamic on the latest After the Bell with Corey Graves.

Shayna Baszler on Nia Jax

“We were friendly I guess [before they started tagging]? She was like another person in the locker room, but our paths never really crossed.

I hadn’t been up there very long, and then during the time I was, it was straight into this thing with Becky and then figuring out where to go from there. So I don’t want to say we were friends, but we weren’t — like, I didn’t have a problem with her.

And now obviously we are a tag team … It’s been interesting because that’s kind of being thrust again into the deep end. Where, not only did I not know tag team wrestling, but learning that sort of thing, it would be easier with like, a best friend I would imagine.

Because you know how each other works, and you know what each other’s thinking, and all this. And we don’t have any of that. So it’s been a fun challenge to kind of learn. And I’m still getting there. We have the titles but I still feel like we haven’t come to the full fruition of what we are yet" - Shayna Baszler said.

“So obviously, not just for the — I think there’s some social dynamic that compares us to Kane and Daniel Bryan. But I think more the style, the in-ring style. You know, I don’t spend enough time looking at backstage and character type stuff.

But like in-ring stuff is the stuff that I’ll sit for hours and I never get tired of. So just watching a dynamic like that where it’s a big guy, and like Daniel Bryan and I have a lot of similarities in the ring.

And we have a lot of the common [background]. He trained a little bit with Billy [Robinson], as well. So I know he’s done a little bit of training. Our paths never crossed there, but I know from seeing some of the stuff he does and talking with him.

So I think looking at teams like that where the dynamic is similar to what we have has been really beneficial to me" - she added.