*Spoiler* The Fiend targets Randy Orton on Raw

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*Spoiler* The Fiend targets Randy Orton on Raw

Apparently, the small chapter that involved Andrade and Zelina Vega on one side and the entire Retribution on the other seems to have already closed for the Monday Night Raw Fiend. After attacking the Mexican and the entire Chaos stable, Bray Wyatt in the guise of The Fiend has in fact aimed at a new Raw Superstar, much more important than his predecessors, we are talking about Randy Orton, the new WWE Champion, freshly-emerged as the winner of the PPV of Sunday: Hell in a Cell.

After having succeeded in defeating the one who had beaten Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania 36, Drew McIntyre, who had thus won his very first world title in the WWE main roster rings, Randy Orton now seems to have a double challenge ahead to him, the one that brings him back in front of the Scot and the one that veers towards the Fiend.

The Fiend targets Randy Orton

As announced on the eve of tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, one of the usual episodes of "A Moment of Bliss" was staged during the show, obviously starring the host of the WWE column, Alexa Bliss, who in this case had invited the new WWE Champion Randy Orton to his show.

After making his entrance, the champion immediately looked for where the Fiend was, already knowing that he would attack him, being now one with Alexa Bliss, but when faced with this question, the girl simply began to laugh, obviously very disturbingly.

While Orton was focused on finding the Fiend, however, attacking the reigning WWE Champion was his enemy par excellence, Drew McIntyre, who, mindful of the defeat the night before, tried once again to take revenge on the company's Viper, however, also triggering the arrival of the Raw demon.

After escaping from McIntyre's clutches, Randy Orton quickly stumbled upon the Fiend, who appeared as usual behind him, with the decidedly disturbing music and red lights that are now an integral part of his character.

At this point, Randy Orton preferred to continue the battle with McIntyre, leaving the Fiend behind him and ending up straight into the Raw team's commentary table, with McIntyre continuing to attack him as if there was no tomorrow.

Who knows if now The Fiend will also be a big concern of the WWE Champion or if that of Raw was just a fleeting appearance? Instead of facing The Fiend, Orton went back to fight Drew McIntyre. The two battled around the ring and Orton put Drew McIntyre on the announced table during a brawl as the show went off the air.

It seems that The Fiend has his eyes on Randy Orton, but The Viper doesn’t want any kind of receipt for burning down Sister Abigail’s shed.