WWE roster 'confused' by Randy Orton's World Title win

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WWE roster 'confused' by Randy Orton's World Title win

Sunday night's Pay-Per-View Main Event in Hell in A Cell saw the title change to Raw where Randy Orton, after losing the last few weeks, finally managed to get the better of Drew McIntyre and became the new WWE Champion.

The Viper is ready to embark on another new high-profile realm and WWE seems to have big plans in store for him for next year and possibly the next WrestleMania 37. While everyone has great respect for Orton, a wrestler who has years has also helped a lot in the growth of the young people of the federation, the decision to award him the title left the WWE backstage very perplexed.

Randy Orton's future as the WWE Champion

Fightful Select colleagues revealed the WWE backstage reaction to the Legend Killer's title victory in Hell in A Cell. It was reported that there was a lot of "confusion" from wrestlers around this choice.

who did not understand the choice to give the title to Randy Orton after the previous defeats. It would certainly have been better to see The Viper immediately champion while now assigning him the title after several defeats has left some of the experts perplexed.

The same situation was seen in the WWE Universe that would have reacted strangely to this choice of Vince McMahon and the WWE in general. Let's say that despite the respect for Orton everyone was of the idea that better times could be decided.

Now the WWE is still ready to give a fundamental role to Randy Orton and the first rumors about his future have already emerged. Dave Meltzer has revealed that WWE's goal is to bring the fight between Randy Orton and Edge back into fashion for WrestleMania, a revenge of what we saw just a few months ago.

At the same time it is not said given the value of the match there is a title up for grabs and from that point of view we must give interest to what happened tonight on Raw with Drew McIntyre again and above all with The Fiend.

Without forgetting The Miz briefcase, as we can see there are several possible implications for the future of the new WWE Champion Randy Orton. It was added that Randy Orton is a really well-liked figure backstage in the locker room as he has been helping many younger Superstars over the past year or so.

Despite the respect he commands backstage, the general feeling is confusion regarding WWE's decision to book Randy Orton's 14th World title reign as the timing could have been better. WWE could have put the title on Randy Orton much earlier when he had tons of momentum. Nonetheless, Randy Orton is a World Champion once again, and he could have a vital role to play in the future.